Lunaria Biennis Mixture

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Lunaria Biennis Mixture


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300 Seeds
55 Seeds
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(L.Biennis) Perennial – The Money Plants seed pods are silvery, translucent “coins” perfect for dried bouquets. They have been popular in winter arrangements since colonial times. The Money Plant is also called honesty, silver dollar, satinflower, penny flower, Judas’ penny, and moonwart. The 1/2 inch flowers have four petals. The flowers resemble wild mustard but are purple or white instead of yellow. The flowers appear on branched clusters in the spring of the second year. Can bloom in the first year if sown in January or February in mild climates.

Money Plants prefer full sun to light shade and they do better with afternoon shade in hot summer climates. They perform well in average to poor soils. Plant the Money Plant in the spring after the last average frost date for bloom the following spring. This plant is often used for cut and dried flowers.
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300 Seeds, 55 Seeds

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