Tomato Marglobe

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Tomato Marglobe


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Seeds: 4,000 Seeds
1 oz
200 Seeds
4,000 Seeds
1 LB Seeds
1/4 LB Seeds
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73 Days. This old variety was released by USDA in 1925 and has heavy, vigorous vines that produce high yields of large (8-10 oz.), uniform, globe-shaped fruit. It is one of the first disease-resistant varieties and has good resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts; it served as a source of resistance in Rutgers tomato. Plants are determinate and fruits ripen all at once, making Marglobe a good canning tomato.


1 oz, 200 Seeds, 4,000 Seeds, 1 LB Seeds, 1/4 LB Seeds

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