Pepper Hot Chili De Arbol



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(Capsicum annuum) 85 days. The name translates to “small tree” or “tree like”, which is exactly what these slender, erect multi-branched with thin light green foliage and tapered pendant chiles (3 X 3/8 inch) resemble. In Mexico they are also called “bird's beak”. The fruit is plenty hot, often dried to decorate wreaths and make Ristras. Used to make “sharp” flavored Red Chile sauces and ground into a dry powder. Add several pods to soups and stews to kick-up the heat level. Grows 24-30 inches tall. Light green pods turning dark red. Plant spaced 12-18 inches apart, in rows 3 feet apart, or in a 3 gallon pot for an indoor house plant. C.annuum. 

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